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Satellite-derived biomass burning emission estimates based on OMI HCHO columns

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Top-down monthly biomass burning VOC emission distributions in 2017 (expressed in TgVOC/yr)

monthly fire emission over south america


About the data

The top-down emissions are inferred from an inverse modelling scheme based on the MAGRITTEv1.1 regional model (Müller et al., 2019, Stavrakou et al., 2016) and are constrained by HCHO column observations from the QA4ECV products from the OMI sensor (De Smedt et al., 2018).

Formaldehyde is formed during the oxidation of most VOCs released in the atmosphere.  HCHO is formed through the oxidation of pyrogenic hydrocarbons based on the chemical mechanism described in Stavrakou et al. (2009) and in Müller et al. (2019). The data are provided in the frame of the Scientific data exploitation SOLFEO project (Spaceborne Observations over Latin America For Emission Optimization applications, 2019-2020) supported by the European Space Agency.


Monthly emissions are available in NetCDF format at a resolution of 0.5°x0.5°.

Technical information is available in this readme file.



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