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Satellite-derived agricultural fire emission estimates based on OMI HCHO over the North China Plain (2005-2012)

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The figure below illustrates emission estimates from agricultural fires in June over eastern China acording to the a priori estimate from Huang et al. (2012) and to our OMI-based product. The figure shows averages over the period 2005-2012 in molec. cm-2  s-1.


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These emissions are here available in NetCDF format in 0.25x0.25° resolution


About the data

Using satellite columns of HCHO retrieved from the OMI sensor (De Smedt et al. 2015) over 2005-2012 as constraints in the IMAGESv2 chemistry-transport model (cf. Stavrakou et al. 2015, 2014 for details on the model), we derive satellite-based CO emission estimates from agricultural fires on a monthly basis over the over the North China Plain (32-40N 112.5-120E)

Additional information:

The table below gives the OMI-based CO emission estimates from agricultural waste burning in Tg/month over the North China Plain (32-40N 112.5-120E)



Dataset citation

Stavrakou, T., J.-F. Müller, M. Bauwens, I. De Smedt, C. Lerot, M. Van Roozendael, P.F. Coheur, C. Clerbaux, K. F. Boersma, R. van der A, and Y. Song, Substantial Underestimation of Post-Harvest Burning Emissions in the North China Plain Revealed by Multi-Species Space Observations, accepted in Nature Sci. Rep., 2016. [link] [suplement]


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