Satellite-derived fire emission estimates based on GOME-2 HCHO (2007-2012)

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The figure below shows fire VOC emission estimates in 2007 obtained from the GFED3 inventory (van der Werf et al. 2010) and from the GOME-2 based product (units are in TgC/yr)fire emission map

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Monthly carbon emissions from fires


About the data

Using global satellite columns of HCHO retrieved from the GOME-2/MetOp-A sensor (De Smedt et al. 2012) over 2007-2012 as constraints in the IMAGESv2 chemistry-transport model (cf. Stavrakou et al. 2013 for details on the model), we derive satellite-based estimates of fire emissions on a monthly basis. These emissions are available via the GlobEmission ESA project website on 0.5° resolution.


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